At The River of Life

Thinking about my friend Don who recently passed. And thinking about my sweet Wendi, kids, sons-in-law, grandkids, massive and amazing family of faith. Will demo this in a couple of days.

Jesus is unchanging and forever. You can believe Him or not, but I know why I’m no longer the addict and miserable person I was in my younger days. Grace and surrender… He gives one and enables the other.

Thanks for stopping by! Love, -Glenn


glenn kaiser -mar. 15, 2015

It seemed so sudden
But of course it was not
We knew all along,
Just you and I
Ain’t all we got
In the passage of time
What we shared was a gift
As the tides ebb and flow
And the molecules shift

I will love you
But only the Son will not change
Though I leave
It’s not forever
Night will surely be swallowed by day

At the river
Of Life
Where the sun
Never sets,
Darlin’ I
Wait for you
In time without end

Through the joys
Through the sorrows
So many todays and tomorrows
Love, fussing, laughter
Friends, all the music
Grace, we”ll never lose it
Giving thanks, for all we shared
You and me

But oh at the river
Of Life!
Where the table
Has been set
And the face
Of our Savior
We shall see
Yes at the river
Of Life
Where the sun
Never sets,
Jesus, you, and I


At the River of Life
In the love beyond all loves
In our Father’s house
We shall be-
At the river
Of Life
Where the Son
Ever shines,
You and me

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