Friends -and Wet Cement

Had a very vivid dream last night.

I normally dream quite a bit but only rarely remember much about my dreams. Waking this morning I remembered it all.

So I was hanging out with a pastor friend (this happens to be a real buddy of mine who lives in another state) and a number of his friends who were all together at his property on the edge of town.

We were getting ready to head off to a venue, changing clothes, etc., getting ready to head out for sound check and an evening show where I was about to play.

A couple of rides were waiting out front.

It was a warm day and we’d had a picnic as well as helped pitch in to a building project he and his wife were doing, adding on some sort of building with a cement foundation and had helped them pour concrete for it.

So I walked out back of the house having put my clothes in a bag to take to the venue. I was still in shorts and T-shirt, chatting with a few of the guys near where the concrete was poured.

A couple bare foot marks had been playfully left in the wet cement on the edge of the foundation, and as I stepped over those putting my foot down on what I thought was dry, nearly went straight down into a much deeper hole of very wet cement. It hadn’t looked all that deep actually. A couple of my buddies had their eyes on me and watched as I took that step.

Had they not both suddenly grabbed me the show would have been pretty quiet as I’d have been literally over my head in cement!

“I get by with a little help from my friends” 🙂

Ever had a dream like that? Ever experienced life like that?

Sometimes we can be so ignorant, so impatient or stubborn or just not praying attention that we need a friend, or two or three of ’em- to grab us by the arms and keep us from “going under” by our own foolish mistakes.

I’ve been there and expect I’ll be there again.

Accountability can look very much like that. We think we have knowledge, even wisdom we don’t have. We make choices based on personal desires and unthinkingly step in a deep hole.

Luther said “Councils have erred and do err”. No doubt. I’m convinced individuals living a self-focused life are even more prone to error.

Whether I’m right or wrong on that one, perhaps it’d be smart to ask yourself who your friends are, if you really have any who “watch your back” and if you ever get solid, even godly, scriptural advice from them.

This world includes plenty of wet cement.

Just sayin’.

Thanks for stopping by! -Glenn

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