Fresh Woods, Fresh CANJO

I’ve always thought taking a spiritual “time out” is more of an advance than a “retreat” but the latter is what they call ’em. I get the link to that term, it’s just that in taking the time, we change gears, not put it in “park”. It’s not so much a stop as a slow-down.

No matter, Wendi went north for a retreat with a group she is receiving good input from and in that my tour schedule is so full, I just couldn’t do the many-months commitment. But it’s a rich time for her and she shares the teaching with me- very good indeed!

I went south, about an hour from Chicago to the woods and a nearby reservoir. The pics give you an idea of what I saw and then did- be sure to click on them to enlarge.

Well, I didn’t take any of the campfire or my seating arrangement but anyhow… 🙂

I had a tin can in my camp kit, brought along a guitar string and mostly used found-object stuff to create another little 1 string slide guitar otherwise known as a diddley bow. OK- update… working off my last brain cell… technically one built with a can is a canjo or canjoe. We usually call all other such little one stringers (using another sort of box or such as a resonator) a diddley bow. Sounds pretty good too.

There is something about a bright sunny day, a slightly cool wind, campfire smoke and a quiet place to walk, explore, think, pray and just slow down. Life is often fast paced and we all need such breaks. I find most weekends I’m on tour somewhere so mid-week or on this rare Friday off, I try to schedule these short trips.

Peaceful nature and time out is a gift.


And of course- the sunset.

I encourage you to make time for such breaks- they are restorative!

As always, thanks for stopping by. -Glenn


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