New Electric Diddley Bow Slide Guitar Build

BassStringDiddleySliderSo in that I needed a diddley bow (one stringer) and had an old piece of quite warped wood lying around BOWEDneckForDiddleyBow

-and a cool box just sent (thanks Jack and Jean!) from longtime friends in Florida, and a fresh pickup… why not BUILD one?

This time I laid the bar-type pickup alongside the neck under the top near where the neck meets the body, put a bass string on ‘er and tuned it to C.

I sanded, then stained the neck with hot coffee grounds just to match the box a bit more.

Hadn’t built a git for quite some time and decided as I’m getting close to finishing my tracking on the next recording project, the song needed a fresh one as opposed to using any of my many other diddleys.

Also used one of my bud Shane Speal’s amazing slides to work that string 🙂

And now to work out.

She was fun to make and is a joy to play.

As always, thanks for stopping by! -Glenn


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