What IS it?!!

Don’t deny your experiences of pain, suffering, tragedy, unexplained miseries in this world.

Don’t deny that there is beauty, harmony, creative blessings and indeed Good News in this world.

It’s both/and. If we only camp, cement ourselves in the one or the other we are in denial of reality -keep going and it can become denial of God Himself.

An appropriate English word comes to mind: balance.

Regardless of your or your loved one’s temperament, any circumstances you’d care to name there are the negatives AND positives all through human experience on earth -indeed not only outside of but inside of any faith tradition including the Christian churches.

The mix of these, the genuine impossibility of our gaining complete control in all of it, deep desires unfulfilled or at times completely met, I have known countless numbers of people who work overtime to evade either of these realities.

Personally, I cannot. Further, I will not.

As I write Chicago itself is crisp, clear, bright and sunny – and experiencing a rather cold Spring day toward the back end of May. Go figure 🙂

As always, thanks for stopping by! -Glenn


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