Beginnings and Endings

It doesn’t take long before we recognize we deal with changes, sometimes simple and neuanced while at others, drastic.

People are born, die, sometimes either of them unexpectedly.

It’s the same for marriages, sports clubs, rock bands and churches. Always has been.

I just read yet another article about churches closing down due to dwindling numbers, high costs of building and programs upkeep, aging populations who for a number of reasons can’t keep up in terms of finances, energy, health issues and etc..

Though I can empathize with those dealing with these scenarios I’ve seen it happen from my pre-teens until now at 70 years of age as I write.

With the pandemic, greater pressures on many levels and a younger population who have taken often legit and understandable (as well as sometimes trivial and self-serving) aim at irrelevant, unsustainable practices as well as older generations self-serving, even racist, white top-down control issues -well, for me there isn’t much mystery in why the churches or various ministries end.

One doesn’t need to be a rocket scientist to recognize lack of relationship-building in a street, town, local community. The same goes for lack of any form of either the verbal sharing one’s faith in Jesus along with, for example, Jesus’ imperatives in Matthew 25. Don’t waste time writing me to defend why folks aren’t loving their neighbors as themselves, we all fail in this. The issue is how deeply this affects new folks, largely the younger in terms of their own leap of faith and commitment.

All of this affects their willingness to engage as well as depth of longer term involvement.

Hence, the churches and other ministries shut down as the people within them begin to stay home, stay put spiritually, disengage in real, relational and relevant meeting of peoples needs OUTSIDE of their immediate group regardless of type/sort/style/ gathering place.

Again, none of this is should be a surprise to those paying attention.

I’ve never cared about numbers or percentages. Jesus leaves the 99 to find the one who is lost. He via Himself and the Spirit turned the world upside down with 11, the 12th fully turning away from Him.

It was, is and always shall be about Him -and those in both spiritual and practical need and whether our love extends beyond ourselves, our safe and comfortable cliques and sowing the Love, Word and grace of God to those around us fully connected with a walked, lived-out example.

I say if a building is unsustainable sell it and/or collaborate to help ease the housing crisis, homelessness, for non-profits, etc., who are doing the work the church doesn’t or will not do.

If our ending becomes a positive and truly God-sent beginning for others, so be it, count me in!!

As always, thanks for stopping by. -Glenn


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