So(w) What?

“A sower went out to sow.. ..”

Nahhh, God does that, I’m tired, worn out, I do enough just to survive, gotta have more me-time.

I don’t have the gift of evangelism and besides there are those that do and feel that call so let them do that stuff, it ain’t my job.

Well I don’t think I was predestined to preach the good news so I’m happy to support those who do.

My family and people on my block, my next door neighbors all know what I believe. It’s between them and God anyway. If they ask me I’ll let ’em know more directly but hey, live and let live.

Got a to-do list a mile long too. I got other things to do now.

Time to kick back with a cold one.

(And Glenn says, as always, thanks for stopping by.) !


3 thoughts on “So(w) What?

      1. I recently found your music and love what you are doing and love our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. Many blessings to you from a brother on a island in Alaska.


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