Let’s Consider Investing

Yep, you read that right. I don’t write much about investment but if you think about it I actually do rather constantly.

God has invested His love, forgiveness and overall grace in our lives. Some receive it, some refuse, but He invests still.

I was recently reminded of this via a piece of writing by a death row inmate who said whatever time he has left on earth only makes sense as he invests in other people. That rings true.

We all need time for ourselves, refreshing rest, no-sin hobbies and experiences that bring us joy and a sense of peace. We also need to see what’s in our “account” -we have spiritual gifts, natural talents, a bit of knowledge, maybe even wisdom that we might share to invest in others.

I’m really talking about mentoring in a broad sense, not old skool leadership, top-down control or manipulation with the driver of all this motivated by self-centered “now I have worth/value” but as Jesus taught “Give” without focusing on “and it shall be given unto you” through of course there is a certain reaping what we sow.

Some years ago I spoke (and I believe wrote about it in my blog posts here) a message in a church about “return on investment”. Rather than looking for any particular “return” our eyes must best be set on others and how we might be of some assistance to them.

How easy it is to only give to those who in some way/s give back to us! Jesus spoke about only loving those who love us… He clearly stated that such is not the way to live.

I think leaving the fruit of our labor, whatever our work, calling, gifts offered to others may be, is about the glory and honor of God Himself who of course is the Source of any authentic gift as well as fruit our serving others may produce.

Also important is the reality that other’s receptivity is not only/entirely on us.

Lastly, God Himself gives the increase.

Yes, with what He gives and whatever time we have on the planet, let’s invest!

As always, thanks for stopping by. -Glenn


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