A Musician- For WHAT?

I’d say at very least, as a fun hobby. Because it’s therapeutic. For personal growth as you learn regardless of singing, instrument, style approach. Perhaps to make a living, at least in part. For a sense of community with other musicians or would-be musicians.

The disciplines involved in music whether by covering other’s songs or writing your own, collaboration with others and on it goes -are worthwhile.

All of these somewhat figure into my own art-making as a musician.

Many musos have said they MUST make music, it’s a have-to hardwired into their DNA. I don’t disagree.

We all know how music can soothe, motivate, inspire, sometimes coax us into new ways of thinking and doing, even serving people in need.

Again, I’m fully on board with all of these.

Taking care of yourself and others you love is a massive part of what moves many to work as a musician, sharing what might benefit others.

The downsides or possible issues that come from living life as a musician are also more thoroughly stated in plenty of online articles, interviews and full books, biographies and such.

I’ll only list two here:

Self as the central focus.

Secondly there are a long list of reasons why both objectively and subjectively others may strongly dislike, be sort of “meh” or just don’t care for what you bring to their ears, eyes and various methods of sonic delivery, still others that will relate and deeply love what you offer. You don’t have much control over any of these! Please read this paragraph once more… slowly.

See, being at peace within yourself- not the extremes of “I’m brilliant and this is a truly amazing piece of work” all the way to “Why do I even bother, my music (and perhaps even I, myself) am worthless!”

If you move beyond the garage, basement, living room, practice and/or small recording (say, home studio) environment the more public you are, the more somewhat “known” you become the more you’ll learn all I’ve said here so far.

The other night I did what I’ve done countless times for decades with a group of men behind bars in bringing some music to help them through their plight. Though “In the Soul of a Man” (my own song via GKB) wasn’t on my setlist I decided to finish with it.

Two lines are “I was born to know temptation, born to sing an’ play the blues. Born to know frustration, born to sing an’ play the blues.”

The concluding line is “But I have overcome, because I know the One Who paid my dues.”

Sharing the love and grace of God with those in such deep need has been a lifetime calling and pursuit, and in my case and that of many others I know, the gift of music can transcend all barriers.

In conclusion, the Atlantic slave trade which brought murder and rank misery to thousands of lives arguably gave birth to American blues music. As in Africa and around the world, people sang and some became musicians to help ease the sufferings and injustices of this life as well as to communicate truth.

Eventually many came to faith in Jesus and His words of truth, hope, love. And of course music is one vehicle and expression of what the Bible calls (and indeed God Himself calls for…) worship.

This is why as long as I am able, I’ll make and share music for my Lord and “for those who have ears to hear.”

As always, thanks for stopping by! -Glenn


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  1. Love you brother! You’re amazing.

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