What’s on Your Feet?

If you know me well you already know I favor Crocs or some sort of knock-off like ’em because they’re just so very comfortable on my flat feet. As I rarely have to dress up -and am a musician who gets to be a bit unorthodox, well there you go :)!

I’ve often considered this verse and have now spent a fair bit of time studying it and years practicing. Coming from Paul in context of spiritual warfare and “the whole armor of God” he lists several things, many of them somewhat clearly as defensive and/or offensive armor/weapons regarding our very real spiritual battles and foe. And then there’s:

“…and having strapped on your feet the preparation of the gospel of peace” -Eph. 6.15

You can do a deeper dive with many English translations as well as a breakdown of the Greek words here: https://biblehub.com/ephesians/6-15.htm

What has always interested me is the focus on the Good News (of Jesus) and the word “peace”.

As you dig deeper you’ll find the person of faith engaging in spiritual (and NOT human) warfare is to be established in the peace that can only come from Jesus Christ. Secondly -that is THE peace which the Gospel brings to us.

Further, they are prepared by wearing shoes- and as you’ll find in study, it was common for soldiers to have spikes much like cleats (think of sports teams) which caused them to stand firmly, planted in the ground they were on. In a word, stability -which comes in large part from the peace of Christ in their heart.

Faith in Him is what causes us to stand in spiritual battles -and to continue standing regardless of what the enemy comes at us with.

Lastly, the idea of feet in shoes is that they eventually move. Sharing, proclaiming, living out the Good News of Jesus is core to the life of a serious follower of His.

In light of all this we recognize those who are prepared by knowing, believing and living out as well as proclaiming the Good News are engaged in a battle yet not without armor, not unprepared for the fight.

Let’s face it, there are moments and perhaps days and more where such warfare takes place in the life of the genuine follower of the Lord Jesus.

I often quote Fenelon who wrote “Peace is the will of God for you in every situation”. Paul also said “Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, to which indeed you were called in one body; and be thankful.” -Col. 3.15

To stand solidly as well as to move forward when the time is right comes to those committed to “the Gospel of Peace”.

Lastly, there are those who believe fighting “flesh and blood” is the way of Christ and as such often ignore the spiritual battle that Paul, Jesus and others warn about throughout God’s Word.

He calls us to peace and to be peacemakers.

Things to consider for the professing disciple of Jesus!

As always, thanks for stopping by. -Glenn


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