Weather and Foundation

IF the living, risen Jesus is our foundation, the “rock” He spoke of Himself, no weather incident, cyclone, tornado, flood or other can shake -HIM-.

Therefore we are beginning to experience something in the here-and-now we will experience in the hereafter: firm, sound and solid ground that won’t go away or ever end.

Building one’s house on sand regardless of how the scenery around it looks isn’t taking weather into consideration. What lasts and actually holds up in storms is The Issue dear reader!

Doubt? There is no doubt storms will come. Jesus Himself said so.

Have you ever looked at the tragic pile of rubble after a tornado has swept through a place? A common comment is “It looks like a bomb went off!” and indeed it does.

But if you look (or dig down) you’ll find there is just slightly above and even more below ground a foundation that withstood the terror when the rest of the building was fully wrecked and destroyed.

When such weather hits us in whatever form no amount of money, material stuff, pleasures, adulation or rejection of others toward us saves us. Never could!!

The unchanging, unchangeable Savior is none other than Jesus Himself.

May you recognize and surrender to Him before the weather you cannot control arrives.

As always, thanks for stopping by. -Glenn

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