Last Facebook Update Info. Here

OK- UPDATE as of March 30, 2023 First, sorry for the bad link to my WordPress site I had posted earlier! Though you may get “warnings” from within Facebook the following is a safe and real link -and the correct one to head to which I’ve used as my main site for years. You can find a load of my links to 2 podcast sites and other WordPress sites I run and admin., also links to some e-books and more of mine in WordPress.

ALSO- I believe I’ve now properly shut down my old -personal- Glenn Kaiser page in Facebook, but is my main FB spot and I’ll post more often in it but *cannot* reply to all, just plz be aware of that. There is also a second FB site which GrrrRecords largely administers:

I’m trying to cut down on all the FB time and chatter so must be more selective. Family, recording, shows, writingS and more are priorities! Thx for your understanding. Love and cyberhugs!!

And as always, thanks for stopping by! -Glenn


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