Simple, Profound

A. W. Tozer offered a most basic bit of advice that I began to try and apply decades ago.

“Cultivate simplicity”.

He did NOT mean “stay dumb, stupid, quit learning, toss knowledge and/or wisdom, quit growing spiritually and in every other way” of course!

The forecast today is cloudy with rain. I learned to love rain many years ago, often considering it God’s tears. Emmanuel- “God WITH us”.

Relationship with my Father via His Son Jesus Christ, wrapped in the Holy Spirit.

And yep, a good cup (or pot) of coffee, tea. A warm fire, better still, campfire and time in the woods.

A few close friends who are truly friends. Family.

A good night’s sleep.

But of course clean water, basic healthy food, adequate climate-sensible clothing, a roof overhead, at least needed healthcare. The grace of any of these for incarcerated people is usually not lost because IF they receive most and sometimes all of them, well, just read Jesus’ comments toward the end of Matthew’s Gospel, chapter 25.

So very many in the wide world do not have the things I mention here.

Life became confusing, complex. Self-medicating began to further unravel threads they’d become accustomed to. The “Where is/was God in all this?!!” became a deep and continual question.

Simplicity?! HOW in light of deep need, tragedies, perhaps betrayal, health issues and “acts of nature”?

Over and over I come back to a few “ballpark” realities regardless of circumstance:

Psalm 1, Romans chapter 8 and Matthew 28.20

I am DEEPLY grateful to the righteous God for His grace and provision right through this earthly journey –regardless. Faithful and True. My Provider.

He wants to be yours also. In fact He is in so many ways -whether you know it or not. Love is like that.

As always, thanks for stopping by. -Glenn


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