I’ve often written about this issue as I do several matters I believe need to be considered regarding faith and the human condition -so I repeat myself a great deal. Our heavenly Father does as do many if not most Old and New Testament human authors in Book after Book.

Several nights ago I shared with a large group a key element I’m mentioning here.

My Redeemer is also my Creator and my Definer and Refiner. He alone holds these positions and alone IS these in my life. Of this I am fully convinced, that is, by Him persuaded.

He most certainly refines me through events, various circumstances, even suffering and via people as well as His Word again and again.

Someone asked me if I had a senses of a particular word to share with the crowd on the evening and I said I did, and this issue of definition was it.

It has not been unusual for me to ask “Who has the ultimate right to define concepts, words, even our own lives?” I am convinced it boils down to God Himself, not any group, crowd, others, not even we ourselves though of course we may choose, like, feel good or horrible about any/all of these giving us clues and ideas about defining who we really are, should become, were “meant” to be. By whom I ask?

I think “whose” we are comes first, and indeed the One and Only “Alpha and Omega”. After that it’s a moment-to-moment relationship and together a walk. “My sheep hear My voice and I know them and they follow Me.”

Oh there are many options and we each and all have a great deal of ability to shapeshift -yet and still…

Is the biblical “potter” constructing and shaping the clay or are we seeking to do it ourselves?

Who is my/your creator, redeemer? Who’s your refiner? Definer? There is your actual, ultimate god.

Identity is a deep thing and naturally not all will agree with either myself or you dear reader, but in the end the One we’d best agree with is…

Sad fact- sometimes we find Him, His Word, His people quite disagreeable. My experience is when we do we may fall into the easy and common temptation to take our own direction as though we are our own divinity, master of our fate here and hereafter. We become our own director, script-writer and such.

How our story unfolds and will one day end is of great and essential importance.

These are things I believe worth considering along the path.

As always, thanks for stopping by. -Glenn


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