Invited to a Fight?

Wow. In a recent morning’s recovery devo Paul F. Keller wrote: “The truth is that we don’t have to attend every fight to which we are invited.”

My natural tendency was always to respond swinging if someone picked a fight. Not 100 percent of the time, but generally. Coming to faith in Jesus I noticed His habit of responding with wisdom and often literally walking away from those who picked a fight.

If LOVE was His true motivation, and if at most He only knocked over tables of the moneychangers in the temple twice… what was He doing the rest of the time interacting with people?

The devo I read was all about holding grudges against others, harboring revenge toward enemies and how such destroys sobriety, inner (and beyond) peace and often literally kills.

Winning, vengeance, control aren’t fruits of the Holy Spirit in the life of a genuine follower of Jesus. In fact, as much as a justice advocate as I’ve been most of my life… they do not equal true justice. In the end, we will all see God’s justice as there is no other perfect Judge. And, let me add- if He decided to hold a grudge rather than truly offer forgiveness to “whosoever will, let them come”…

Thank God He desires all to repent and follow Him and His way of love!

As always, thanks for stopping by. -Glenn


2 thoughts on “Invited to a Fight?

  1. Ich bete, dass die Liebe und die Reue in den Kriegshetzern auf allen Seiten auch den militärischen Kampf beendet, und der Heilige Geist über Alle kommen möge.


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