Wind, Moisture, Wet

Many of you realize the horrors of weather and I’m not wishing to allude or offer allegory that the Spirit of God is at core a destroyer -but at times He either orchestrates or allows (being God the Spirit -of God the Son- of God the Father) things to go on in this earth that are intense and which do move humans in our limited knowledge, super limited wisdom and truly limited understanding Him and His ways, to judge -Him- by what He does or allows.

I believe that to be as wrong as it is ignorant of Who He truly is.

Fact is, the One Whom Jesus called “Spirit of Truth”, “Comforter”, “Advocate” and Who brings “all My [Jesus’] Words to your to rememberance” doesn’t sleep. He doesn’t bail, move from the earth, quit, He never ends because He is eternally part of Father/Son/Spirit, the Lord God Almighty.

No slumbering nor sleeping, not now, not ever, the ever-present Spirit moves as per the biblical Greek “wind” and/or “breath” of God He is.

Many of my readers will be aware of crazy February, 2023 weather across large swaths of the U.S. including massive historic snow and rain storms with high winds all across California, not only mountains but even in low-lying areas usually untouched by things like snow.

A friend of mine lives high up and measured 18 inches of snow only half-way through the first round of storms with another to come two days later.

Some peaks in Cali. received over five FEET of snow with more to come.

Does stuff like this happen in such places all the time? Nope. Yet the weather happens always whether we pay attention and notice -or not.

Though I have long believed in climate change, however you think about that doesn’t stop the actual reality of such storms, power-outages and how people both poor, un-housed as well as some of the wealthy are hit and hit rather largely by such events.

Much like the professional weather folk, sometimes we or the experts can fairly well predict or conversely get quite surprised by events.

It’s much the same with our sense of God the Holy Spirit.

There are genuine prophets and prophetic predictions just as there have always been false or merely mistaken people prophesying, no? You and I have alike “missed” and “misinterpreted” things including what we would say are authentic and/or not authentic signs. Let’s humbly admit this. Yes.

But He lives, moves, is always correct, perfect, unfailing!! HE NEVER SLEEPS. He’s never -not- alive, awake, fully knowing about the intimate thoughts, feelings, genuine needs, wants and essentiality of God’s grace and touch in anybody’s life. Read that again please.

You and I may not always be mindful, aware, focused or recognizing this truth, but like the weather as long as the present earth survives and in His case beyond that -He moves and is present whether we sense Him or not… whether we listen, hear, love and obey Him or decline to.

As a modern worship song rightly states- He never stops, He never stops working.

I am DEEPLY thankful for the Holy Spirit and His moving in my life and throughout the lives of others on planet earth!

As always, thanks for stopping by. -Glenn


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