Share The Road

Do you drive? Do you drive in a city, a large city? Have you had to learn how to do so without driving others on the road crazy -whether or not you’d like to leap out and give them a talking-to sometimes?!

See, driving means sharing the roadway. And being aware of the curb, sidewalks, pedestrians, e-bikes, motorcycles, large trucks, skateboarders, electric scooters and regular bikes too. Sometimes town or city, county or state work crews are out doing their job and you have to really slow down and take care.

In morning and evening people are out walking their dogs.

And on it goes.

There is real danger to yourself and those in your vehicle as well as those around you on streets, highways and back roads.

At night especially during the rut (deer mating season) and in wider bits of time one or more animals may be crossing “out of the blue” right in front of you! Coming back from a Canadian tour one afternoon Wendi and I began to count road-killed animals from Ontario through Michigan and into Illinois. If memory serves there were something like 60 and most looked recent. Night time driving can be an entire matter in itself.

Then there is the weather issue, things like thick fog, heavy rain or snow, ice and black ice on frozen roads, floods, bridges out or deeper-than passable dips on a road now filled with water, intense wind storms and so forth.


Like… “pay attention” to others and what’s going on around you? Yes.


Sometimes yielding is exactly what one must do to keep or make peace or we end up in pieces -or put others in harm’s way.

I’ve had several close calls on the road sometimes due to my own slack attention, sometimes other’s and sometimes both.

Now I ask you to consider this entire piece merely an allegory of life in the wide world and indeed, church world if you’re a professing follower of Jesus.

Then perhaps take time to do a Bible study of the phrase “one another” in the New Testament.

We aren’t on this road all by ourselves you know.

As always, thanks for stopping by! -Glenn


4 thoughts on “Share The Road

  1. I tend to think that a person’s true colors show when they were in a car. Observing their reckless behavior, with no care for anyone else on the road, is disheartening. I try to rationalize it by telling myself it was a natural fight or flight response, and that most people valued another’s life over the need to rush to their destination. But it seems to be getting worse, and maybe that’s a testament to us not caring as much? Either way, I find myself avoiding the roads more and more often.


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