Mexican Snow -prose by gk

I’ve a number of links (right side and down the homepage here) and one will take you to my misc. arts page. Some will also take you to bits of verse/prose I’ve written as well. It’s snowing in Chicago this morning and somehow this piece came to mind, so here it is. I’ll probably add it to the site at some point.

As always, thanks for stopping by. -Glenn

MEXICAN SNOW -glenn kaiser

Does it ever snow in Mexico?
Twelve states state it does
With climate, beaches, tourist reaches
Few Yankees ever know
On mountain peaks and sometimes cities
Towns and higher fields
Glistening powder lingers
As God’s hand brings the yield

And north of the border
We buy the other kind
While castigating brown-skinned people
Criminals and crime
As if our suited business gangs
Are holier than most
While north, south, east and west
It’s snowing coast to coast


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