As a follow-up to what I just posted on “Hippies and Jesus Movement: How?” please consider:

APOLITICAL definition (https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/apolitical)

  1. : having no interest or involvement in political affairs. also : having an aversion to politics or political affairs. 2. : having no political significance. apolitically.

Though some confuse spirituality with political positions – neither Jesus nor His disciples ever did. Perhaps Simon the Zealot early days… but you get the point.

At the same time who can rightly argue the apostles and many after them were not persecuted and martyred because their faith caused political, social and economic “problems” -or so was thought… for those in political power in their day?

Which old OR New Testament prophet didn’t suffer beginning with John the Baptist -at the hands of those in political power? Did they not prophesy both to individuals and entire nations including Israel and Judah?

Throughout world and sadly, church history leaders in power on many occasions tortured and murdered their spiritual opponents who were often also professing followers of Jesus. Heresy has too often been the dynamite and at least the excuse for such and I cannot sensibly say political power of those “in charge”, leadership people who had/have real authority are not dealing in politics whether or not in the classic sense of voting democracies or simply local church politics.

Do not hear this as a right-wing OR left-wing shout for seizing power as I believe both are too often centered on self, same as within professing Christian circles and churches. I think it also wise and factual to state those without “political position” in or not in any church may as easily be corrupt or corrupted due to the desire for positions which drill holes rather than create sharing, equity, and overall distribution of grace.

Therefore, a total-complete-full separation of political one-up from anything to do with Christians within the churches is in my opinion a side-step from biblical, historical and real-world present day facts.

Do I believe some have used political power as ladders to greater privilege, wealth and control in their little human kingdoms? Inside and outside the churches? Of course! Do I also think pols in democracies work to co-opt Christian churches that their self-serving agendas get accomplished? Yes. Can we serve God and mammon rightly? According to Jesus, flat-out no!

To think we have some sort of spiritual “cloak of invisibility” that does away with politics within or outside the church on earth is in my view at best naive, at worst dishonest but likely often a matter of ignorance and lack of historical study along with the need for common sense. It may sound righteous and spiritual but…

So on to reality here:

We live in a fallen world where political power literally helps and saves human life and equally destroys, kills, murders.

To say we can live an apolitical life is untenable.

As always, thanks for stopping by. -Glenn


2 thoughts on “Apolitical??

  1. I like this! I want to be apolitical, but there are things I am too passionate about not to have a hat in the political ring. I love it when people are passionate for what they believe in, I just wish people would be careful when they use the name of God to back up their cause. I have to believe that he doesn’t see any of this the same we see it.

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