What’s Your Wish?

I am often reminded of Jesus’ command to love my neighbor as myself. The same regarding “love your enemy”. Tall orders, no? But He didn’t give them to His disciples as mere options.

From time to time what comes to mind is whether there is anyone I DON’T want to see receive God’s grace, whom I wish we would not see in heaven.

I’ve friends, readers who don’t believe in God, do not follow Jesus, and both they and a minority of professing Christians disbelieve in any such domain or reality, some who also don’t believe in anything like hell.

But for sake of point, let me argue that if there is a God and a heaven, is there any (now living) person you wish wouldn’t be allowed in?

I suggest that says more about your own love, forgiveness and heart attitude than it does them. Let that sink in.

Without Jesus in my life, faith in God’s Word and regular self-examination and repentance I sincerely doubt I’d ever faced these truths in my own life. What is my wish for those I strongly dislike, disagree with? How do I wish for God to treat them?

See, grace is unmerited. It allows for redemption as long as a person has breath. It’s also an ongoing change agent I recognize my own need of!!

Things to consider as we think of (pray for?!) those we find repulsive. Thank God for His grace. Thank God he can change our hearts to reflect grace toward others. This is one of the greatest miracles in my own life. Heart-change is a gift from Him! May it continue in me and those I influence.

As always, thanks for stopping by. -Glenn


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