2 Phrases We Want to Hear -and Advent!

At the end of this life Jesus tells us in John 25 several things are going to happen. Believing they will or won’t will not change reality. Yet they -may- change our individual reality while we walk the earth prior to the event Jesus speaks about.

The only two things we want to hear in that time are “Well done you good and faithful servant” and “Enter into the joy of your Lord”.

Of course there are those who will never hear those words- not now, not then, and that’s the most sad, tragic, terrible thing I can personally think about.

There are four Sundays in the Christian celebration of Advent. There are various themes pondered in those but the typical ones are hope, peace, joy, love. Is there anyone on earth who doesn’t want and wish for these? How to obtain them is a core matter humans disagree about.

Had Jesus not come I am convinced I wouldn’t be here due to addictions in my early life. The new life, the recovery He brought and continues to bring to me is still to this very day astonishing, amazing, and positive in the extreme!

Five things to note in His words are:

“Well done” meaning we WALKED, LIVED OUT His words in relationship to God and people;

“you good”- which is a matter of heart, motive, intent involving the doing of the actions;

“and faithful”- again linked with both heart and action to the extent of living our faith commitments;

“servant”- a bond-slave by choice which is again linked to both attitude and activity;

“your Lord” which moves us not only as friends but a genuine love-following of the Good Shepard.

“The joy of” Jesus, Father, Spirit would call for a book in itself but I’ll simply add the Advent focus, each and all of them bring a bit of revelation of what God gives and what He GROWS in the life of such a follower of Jesus.

I wish you the Blessings of Advent!

As always, thanks for stopping by. -Glenn


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