Thanksgiving- And Yet…

For very many years my mind and heart has pondered the plight of Native American and First Nations (Canada) peoples. The history of tribe after tribe murdered, enslaved and destroyed by diseases they contracted by the white settlers encroaching lands they had inhabited and stewarded for some thousands of years prior to European arrival bent on conquering is a sad, sick tale. And it’s reality: well documented and verifiable.

It’s no wonder the dominating race and culture doesn’t want to know or even hear about it.

Then we have the bizarre duck-and-cover game by conservatives who blame liberal “mythologists” -no matter the intellect, research and study of myriad educators who have for many decades chronicled the truth vs. a stockpile of American sentimental myths, fiction and outright fabrications of what really happened and how.

Perhaps the “first Thanksgiving” is a good place to begin. It’s a read-and-weep reality I highly recommend. May it motivate you to study further and face up to the brutal past lest we talk ourselves out of doing the good within our power to do in the present.

Please read:

I admit it’s a sobering end note to our annual Thanksgiving holiday -but sobriety is a gift to those who realize the value upon realizing a drunken stupor really isn’t.

As always, thanks for stopping by. -Glenn


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