Hearing, Speaking

When I was in my teens cb (citizen’s band) radio was all the rage IF you could afford one. My best buddy lived about 10 or 12 blocks away and had one and I decided I had to have something to communicate with him between our homes so eventually got a medium-range (in both power and price) walkie-talkie that seemed to work for that and a bit more.

Being the youngest of 3 kids w. two fairly older siblings I was often not listened to. Such is often life in the world.

Between my paper route earnings and a small allowance I saved up and bought -one- with a cool brown leather cover, a Midland model somewhat like:

“60’s Walkie-Talkies”

I was already a shortwave radio geek at the time having 2 and sometimes 3 of the old and typically huge console radios in my little room adjacent to the attic. I’d crawl out the window up onto our roof and install, then try to better a wire and/or actual radio antenna high above the chimney as I could get it to increase reception. I attached the same to the antenna on my walkie-talkie and spent many hours listening to and sometimes conversing with people.

I didn’t have the power most of those I heard did so at times could only hear and not be heard when I tried to chat.

My best friend and I were as you might expect, regularly successful at it being in closer proximity.

By now many of my readers are guessing about the analogy I’m creating.

The internet, emails and especially social media including a wide range of websites, podcasts with or without video, YouTube and the like give one with computer and web access instant communication, a sort of world-wide and instantaneous bullhorn/radio/tv/cable/satellite broadcasting station to a large portion of the planet.

None of those tools are in themselves evil or a blessing and uplifting as such. Having power of any sort is much the same.

Back in the day I heard crazies and sane peeps rattling on about all sorts of stuff. This was instructional.

I’ve mentioned before here in my blog about a guy two blocks down from us who had an illegal power amplifier connected to his cb which brought the FCC to his house -easy to find as his audio transmission signal splashed into people’s tv sets all around the neighborhood! Me? Nah, little puppy of a rig that often only allowed me to listen.

Connect this to how you may feel about your life, communications or lack of it with others and also know everyone has a “code of conduct” but it may not be the same as yours!

The actual laws and rules of cb radio were mostly broken in those days and the truth is enforcement as well as people’s general attitudes about the cb radio band much decided what happened when people hit the talk button and were “on the air”.

Unless we are willing to deal with these things and adjust to reality we may well be cementing ourselves right out of conversations we, they, both of us could actually benefit from.

When I read articles online (tons, daily) I regularly read pro and con and more balanced responses in the comments sections. The effort, time, patience and grace it takes to do so has been such a blessing in my own life! Thinking you know what people think and why isn’t always so.

We must make greater effort to listen.

Just as long as the earth has been populated there have been agreements and disagreements between people – and between people and God.

Unless we are willing to learn how to give and take -and often mostly give-, communication and community are pretty well impossible. Please read that again…

God help us grow!

As always, thanks for stopping by 🙂 -Glenn


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