How It Seems God Works in Me

So what I mostly post in one of my social media accounts are pics of flowers, other nature and sometimes a wide range of quotes on many subjects, sometimes bits of scripture. On occasion I simply post one word. These are meaningful to me and hopefully encouraging to others. Simple, very, very brief and perhaps a couple times per week or less is when I tend to post.

Realizing only too well that we can talk ourselves into a false spirituality regarding coincidences, yet I have learned throughout 50-plus years of walking with Jesus in faith He often “stacks the deck” within a couple days time, sometimes within hours.

Considering mere happenstance, coincidence and the like -when the multiples in short order load up from several angles I recall Jesus’ words “My sheep hear my voice…” and there is some blooming often taking place. Sheep and plants… mixed metaphor, no?! HA. Yep.

I recently posted this:

Had I not just “accidentally” read the 3rd devotional accenting this, also doing a deep study on “truth” in God’s Word (offline mind you), read an article that spoke directly to it and saw the link between both humility and truth, then attended a meeting where both “just so happened” to be addressed… well you begin to see a pattern, ‘eh?

So I got a red-light camera ticket here in Chicago when making a turn, also made two different key mistakes doing two unrelated maintenance things, posted a friend’s excellent meme without vetting the actual author who did not turn out to be the one quoted and several other unintentional gaffes.

All of the above within two days.

Now some folks overlook their own mistakes. I typically cannot, be it DNA from my parents, sometimes obsessive sin nature, whatever. I truly don’t walk around continually depressed or self-condemned. Nobody “breathes down my neck” and rarely am I called out, not even those I’m accountable to do so without grace and compassion for the most part.

Yet I personally think these sort of events are –some– of how God speaks to me regarding humility and truth, the mix of both, underscores and helps me grow in empathy for others as I make plenty of mistakes and often get things wrong!

One of the true pleasures of blues music which I mostly write and perform is that spontaneous lyrics and playing are a common, acceptable part of the idiom. Good thing as I often space out -or- simply want to try something vocally or on the given instrument right on the spot when I’m “feeling it”.

Anyhow, you may be quite different or think me crazy (both may be fully true!) but God so often “steps out of the shadows” in my life just this way. I can do nothing (of real value) without Him and His Word threads both truth and humility throughout it’s pages. If you look for these in The Bible you’ll find them everywhere.

What you often do not find is that humans, though having capacity for both, seek after them and especially as a package deal. Frankly, I don’t think one rightly separates them.

It is obvious I don’t always get everything “right” and of course I’m in good company world-wide, heh! Truth and humility are always more important than “right”. I indeed believe Jesus died in part, that our wrongs may be forgiven.

Also, we often learn dependence on Him via our own failings.

Lastly, in my personal view and experience, the Author (and Finisher) of both is none other than God for regardless of your faith or none, He continues to convince me “ALL truth is God’s truth.”

Hopefully someone reading this can relate 🙂

As always, thanks for stopping by. -Glenn


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