Autumn 2022

Here comes another Autumn! Oh how I love the cool nip in the air, colors of the leaves, even the rains and bits of windy nights!

I realize this is also a time of year that in Canada and the U.S. Thanksgiving eventually comes around -and that it’s a time when loved ones gone well up memories that are not always easy to navigate in the here-and-now.

As I fully expect eternal life with a great many friends and family before the throne of God, for me it’s less of a sad time as the seasons change and morph one into the next. I consider that is what has been right through the ages on earth and one day all will be so Very Well that no more tears, pain, loss or regrets will be part of our lives -in Christ and with one another.

There will be no more separation from the Beloved or the loved by Him.

From time to time I consider the names of various churches in the U.K. and sometimes U.S. and elsewhere such as “All Saints”. Yes. All saints will be together forever. Grace. God’s deep, continuing, can’t earn it, amazing GRACE? YES. Unending.

So I praise God even in uncertain changes over and within the regular, reoccuring changes of the seasons. ALL seasons but that of eternity with Jesus will fade, pass, end, one flowing into the next. That is, until such time as He rolls the world up like a scroll and we are with Him and His forever.

May your Autumn be blessed with the assurance of His presence!

As always, thanks for stopping by. -Glenn


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