I read an article about people dreading Mondays on their Sundays due to issues that they must face in their workload. Immediately Paul’s words came to mind.

He writes to the followers of Jesus in Colossae (Colossians 4.2) to devote themselves to prayer keeping alert in it with thanksgiving. This may sound so simple and so basic we may overlook how important and central to our relationship with God, with others and even to our own sense of mental and emotional health it is!

Devote yourselves to prayer

keeping alert in it

with thanksgiving

All of us encounter troubles, struggles and anxieties in life. Nobody is immune to hard tasks, or at times failure or coming to an intersection where we wonder which is the best way to turn.

Others near and far are facing the same things.

Reaching up and out of ourselves to a Higher Power, the One Who is the Highest Power can bring not only clarity for decisions but peace.

Sadly, too many carry burdens alone. While people can and do often help, and best practice is navigating shoals in storms with experienced shipmates there is a Pilot so superior to any of them Who has ultimate power, One Jesus calls “the Helper” the present Spirit of God and so we are never alone.

Prayer, conversation with God Himself, “… casting ALL your cares upon Him for He cares for you” is a massively underused strategy.

A friend recently stated “Be not afraid” appears in scriptures a great deal. My research sums it somewhere around 144 times depending on how the Hebrew and Greek are translated, also re. synonyms and such.

Then we are encouraged to lace our prayers with thanksgiving. All truly good gifts come from the hand, heart and desire of God (as James tells us). How spiritually numb, passive and forgetful are we to find grace and experience blessings but then just walk away like 9 of the 10 lepers Jesus healed -only one came back to thank him though all experienced such compassionate deliverance.

When I give Him thanks I find I am not burdened or angry, fretting or fearful but tend toward being grateful and even joyful, happy and at peace. Knowing the One Who walks with us when few or none seem to brings a peace that passes understanding. Thanking God is His due!

Paul is right in his instruction and we are in need of it’s application .

It’s all about relationship -without which we are just plain sunk!

Jesus taught people “always to pray and not to faint”.

There are many good reasons why!

As always, thanks for stopping by. -Glenn


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