Spring Cleaning in Summer

Chatting w. some friends, talking about how hard it is to say “I’m sorry but I can’t.” when you really want to reply in the positive. As I matured (at least some!) spiritually in my walk with Jesus I realized I just couldn’t do everything all folks asked me to do. Over time we age and that adds to the reality of this.

A few days ago I finally got to some spring cleaning -here in early summer no less!

Out went a huge garbage bin full of stuff including a massive load of fun slide guitars I built or nearly finished, some I used in shows and some prototypes working out ideas. Seems I have little time to build for folks as when asked I’m confronted with a number of serious priorities of family and mission that I must attend to. So I give some away as always, and only on the rarest of occasions these days, build.

I would have offered them online but the truth is that the time it takes to communicate, package and mail for shipping as well as the fact most of these were junker prototypes working out construction ideas… it’s about best use of time.

All this is simply prioritizing the most important matters of family and serving others. And sure, a bit of rest and a few other hobbies come into play as well.

I’m down (!) to about 25 extremely varied self-built gits and including a few gifted to me and the thing is, my office is getting better daily in terms of space. The other cool factor is that when I decided to do this the gits I have kept will be played and not simply hang on the walls. Ha, well, at least not on -my- walls. Each has it’s own story, personality, tone and use.

Some of them I’ll play once more live and give away in the solo blues shows I do so hopefully others can have some fun with them.

Less is truly often more!

As always, thanks for stopping by, -Glenn

2 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning in Summer

  1. One of my greatest joys in life is finding a guitar in a pawn shop, bringing it home cleaning it up and giving it a tuning. I’m not a real dedicated player, so after 6 months I’m looking for a kid who is just getting started and pass it along. The best part is the smile I get in return. Our King loves that joyful giver. Heck I think one of them even ended up with you. A white “Wayne’s world” Strat that I found in East TN.
    Love to my Brothers and Sisters @JPUSA

    1. Thx Jeff, yep, so cool when people’s faces light up and something you can give goes to them. Can’t always do it but glad to when I am able. Back in the day I did the pawn shop thing in some memorable moments indeed. -Glenn

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