Angry With God -Part Two

Continuing the convo. a bit more-

The truth is I rarely get truly -angry- but when I do it’s very often a self-centered deal. I mean, I’m angry at what the Book calls sin, angry at injustices but I EXPECT this in others as I do and have also seen in myself.

Grace, prayer and boots-on-ground work (practical serving on my part, not mere drive-by preaching) is the issue. I cannot literally deal w. all issues but there are plenty of them I engage with regularly so am quite busy seeking to bring reform and help where I’m called, able and and humanly allowed.

If not this I’d merely fall into despair, rage, unforgiveness and of course much easier to blame all for their unrighteousness than repent of my own.

Lastly, holding grudges, unforgiveness and anger is like self-arson, burning me down inside. For what??! It accomplishes nothing but more misery and takes no practical steps to bring resolution.

Perhaps worth considering? As always, thanks for stopping by. -Glenn

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