I Was Recently Asked Are You Ever Angry At God?

“Are you ever angry with God?” Fair question. My response to the person:

“Sure. And boiling it down, because I couldn’t BE Him, you know, total control of everything in my life… but I trust Him over myself and that means whenever I’m tempted to park in that judgment of Him (false but understandable in a fallen world) I ask forgiveness pretty quickly and move on to serve. That love language -service- to Him and others keeps me sane, growing in my faith and not staring in the mirror at my own self-pity, anger and hurt even as real as those feelings all are.”

Perhaps worth considering? As always, thanks for stopping by! -Glenn

4 thoughts on “I Was Recently Asked Are You Ever Angry At God?

  1. Thank you for all you do, Glenn!!! Have you ever considered writing a biography? It would bless and encourage many people! God bless!!

    1. Thx so much Neil! Yes, well I’ve long had a manuscript but lotta hoops to jump through to get it finished, small staff and many other projects on the stove so we’ll see… and it’s really listing all the key events which happened to/in me personally to bring me to faith. Sometime I expect it’ll get finished. -Glenn

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