Who IS the Gardener?

“So they will be called oaks of righteousness, The planting of the LORD, that He may be glorified.” -Isaiah 61.3

In one of my daily devo books Paul F. Keller quotes Matthew 13.8 as well as commenting “One day, and very unexpectedly, we became the right kind of soil for God to plant a garden of new life, new hope and new joy.”

We must face reality that we indeed have capacity to grieve and/or quench the Holy Spirit, to ignore, blow past, discard, even wall off the grace of God coming to plant and nurture beautiful and good things in our hearts, minds, lives.

Bearing good and eternal fruit in our lives is dependent upon our being “God’s field” to use a phrase from Paul the apostle.

It was and is God’s desire and plan as per Isaiah’s words to move in and among the people of Israel not only in salvation but that they’d become fruitful -and this is precisely what Jesus talks about regarding both Jews and gentiles alike in John 15. “The nations” will one day reflect the glory of God and not merely human “glory”. If God did not “plant” -such an eternal harvest isn’t possible.

Jesus said “Every plant which My heavenly Father did not plant will be uprooted.” (Matthew 15.13)

I have often mentioned grace does not always feel like grace (unmerited favor) and when Saul was knocked off his horse and the Lord directly called and challenged Him, even told him in a basic sense what was going to happen in and through his life you can bet he was totally shocked and surprised. This was an unexpected encounter which turned his life and much of the world upside down right to this very day. (plz see Acts chapter 9)

Very, very few of us have such blatant “God moments” to the extent Paul did, yet he not only got a new name and new life but a new trajectory of mission which cost him everything and also gained countless numbers of people’s salvation, discipleship and indeed- new life, new hope and new joy.

Thankfully all of us don’t need such drastic encounters to enter saving faith in Jesus, drop our own personal and fruitless, mythical “mission” and grow up and on into HIS.

In my own life He did show up in ways I could not discard or pretend were merely psychological or drug-induced, or “natural phenomena”. God stacked the deck and I’m DEEPLY Grateful forever!

May you pay attention for ways He stands “at the doors” and knocks.

Your life depends on it.

As always, thanks for stopping by. -Glenn

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