Feet on The Ground

Interesting little English phrase, no?

It’s akin to “salt of the earth” in it’s meaning. It has to do with common sense or at least (another phrase) “meat and potatoes”, stable, I think of it meaning keeping things simple, direct, honest, and in somewhat newer yet now old street terms “straight up”, true, solid, no games being played, what you see is what you get.

As a musician I learned long ago about getting shocked. I mean physically SHOCKED from electricity via guitars, amps, p.a. systems and microphones not grounded. Working with power tools and sometimes standing on cement or near/on wet surfaces, all of this affects whether one is going to get zapped.

Playing countless shows in countries where the power is 220 to 240 volts rather than our North American 120 can be lethal if your gear isn’t grounded.

I expect many will be shocked in a future of facing God having not been “Rooted and grounded in love” which in context of Ephesians 3.17 is all about the Person of Jesus Christ Himself.

In greater context of that chapter, in vs. 19 Paul writing to the church in Ephesus states His love “surpasses understanding”. It’s more than intellectual ability alone can grasp. Genuine love is like that. It entails mind but also emotions, the will, indeed spirit.

The biblical Greek re. the term “rooted” means precisely that, as a plant sustained with roots deep in soil while “grounded” is defined “founded” and in the sense of “foundation”. We know any house without a solid foundation isn’t one we best make our home in!

This is but a super-small piece of the wisdom of God, Paul and having one’s life based on Jesus and His love.

All other ground? “Sinking sand” as the old hymn lyric goes…

What is your “house”, your life founded on? Watch the ground to avoid the shock.

As always, thanks for stopping by. -Glenn

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