Firearms Non-Political??

I was compelled in a discussion the other day to write the following. Oh yes, logic has it’s place!!

“I will also ask how we can say gun crimes are somehow not connected to our individual and shared political views when federal, state and local laws directly affect firearms ownership and use? In my view talking about de-politicizing the related issues is like saying Jews and Jesus have nothing in common. I don’t think we’re willing to take personal responsibility that our politics and pols directly affect law, order, incarceration and indeed the police, citizens and quality of life -this is where the concept of cultural, racial or nationalist views mixed with lethal weaponry is in my view, obvious, news outlets or none. It starts with me. I’ll say it again, I’m a long-time gun owner, hunter so this is far more than thoughtless or hard left/hard right verbiage in my own life. Grew up rural, lived many decades in inner city Chicago and continue to visit and love small towns and rural America, this is my vantage point.” -Glenn Kaiser

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