The Bark and Bite of Dogma

There are plenty of online sources that define dogma and break down the various forms, but note it is both within and outside of any Christian or other religious belief system (such as in philosophies and political systems) that dogma is also employed.

In reading a recent friend’s Facebook post mentioning the subject regarding dogma and relevance I found myself writing “When the love in our life shines brighter than our dogma, relevance happens.”

Quite a number of decades past I wrote and preached a sermon focusing on Being Real, Relational, Relevant. The basic idea was that only when we are real and deeply honest, truly relational rather than transactional – by the latter I mean interacting to personally gain something rather than really loving/caring about the individual or people group -only then are we truly relevant. I believe this to be true regardless of your spirituality but essential as professing followers of Jesus.

Jesus was positively all three continually and will never otherwise change. We, on the other hand, MUST grow in these for God’s and other’s sake!

I not only fully believe such growth possible by the power and will of God the Holy Spirit in the life of all believers but notice them laced within Jesus’ teaching and actions through the four gospel texts. It is not merely by our own will, power or effort and yet to claim it (as per Christian/spiritual maturity) is somehow automatic and not truly in part a matter of our engaging in the hard work and application is to me, a pipe-dream that I more associate with my former drug habit days than present reality!

A close and personal analogy is that I can either go through the motions in a surface way with my wife of nearly 50 years or I can actually BE real, relational and therefore we share in the love of God which is ALWAYS and shall Always be relevant, far past dogmas that will one day cease.

If interested re. “dogma”, you could do worse than read this to begin to understand the concepts:

As always, thanks for stopping by. -Glenn

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