Long Continuing Truths

The Glenn Kaiser Band toured a fair bit of Australia with our friend John Smith (amazing brother and wise speaker) on our way to meet up with Rez’s John and Stu to also play EasterFest and a Rez Band reunion show there back some 12 years ago as of this writing.

The tour was amazing on all counts and we have fond memories of several tours prior there in Oz, that one in 2010 was if anything the cherry on top at the end of the tour.

I recently was looking through some old files and found a set of podcasts I’d forgotten I’d done a few years after that tour and will eventually put online. All are very short and each focuses on a different area of prejudice/bigotry that I’d mapped out years earlier. I’ll add a fresh podcast to go with them and will publicize details when they’re all ready and uploaded. You’ll see why I mention this in a moment.

During Easterfest GKB played 2 sets, REZ one, and I was also asked to bring a seminar.

I spoke on “The Antagonism of the Gospel”, that Jesus’ Own Good News is often communicated by we professing Christians in an angry, antagonistic way. I began by talking about petty and selfish focused pre/un-believers reasons for dodging Him and His Words. Next I turned to myself and the rest of the church, our blinders and went on listing a load of our blunders and at times downright mean and nasty delivery. Trust me, I’ve been there, done that, confessed and repented of it plenty both in public and directly to people as I indeed have needed to at times!

In that context at E-fest, allow me to quote two of my statements from that seminar:

“-Prejudice, pure and simple: negative, harsh judgment of a person or people group, racism.”

“-An extreme sense of nationalism or patriotism to the extent one confuses the desires of self, tradition and country with the eternal Good News of Jesus.”

If you cannot face the reality of these it will be harder for you to ever face that even pre/unbelievers are often telling the truth when they talk of Christians in the most negative, pejorative sense. There are times we have earned it.

God help us, God have mercy on those we come into contact with -for Jesus and their sake!

As always, thanks for stopping by. -Glenn

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