Peace and Mercy

Today I wish to discuss in a very personal way -peace and mercy.

For years I realized that gentleness (a third matter) wasn’t my forte. My go-to was “edge” and I suppose for many of us when we recognize -or believe we do -injustice and especially if done to us or those we love we may tend toward sharp edges, slicing talk. Perhaps in a burning passion we default to such with a mind to “set things right”. We unload fast and hard. Jesus in the four Gospels did this very rarely and I suggest in a different Spirit. When He did such it was toward religious rulers who were more in love with power than the people they supposedly were called by God to care for.

Depending on spiritual gifts (see Galatians chapter five, etc.) and calling as well as natural personality many of us often speak challenging words and seek to live a life that reflects truth and conviction, genuine actions that demonstrate what we believe the will of God truly is. Sometimes we are just plain wrong in our thinking and beliefs, at times harsh in our delivery, in various moments even hypocritical because none of us (including our “adversaries”) fully, perfectly live out what we say we believe at all moments.

So for years I recognized my own lack, slack and need to grow and am still a work in progress by the Holy Spirit: that’s just plain reality!

I have continually prayed for a heart of grace, peace and specifically to grow in mercy and mercy-giving toward others. As often as I’ve failed (plenty) there has been a bit of light and growth in my life with these.

Paul wrote “If possible, so far as it depends on you, be at peace with all people.” See the link for more clarity on this please:

Of course it’s always a two-way street and there are layers of reasons when peace is not what happens between people.

Jesus taught “Blessed are the merciful, for they will receive mercy.” He lived it, gave His very life to pass ultimate, gracious mercy to “whosoever will let them come.”

He also called us each to repent and believe, not merely believe and walk on as we did prior.

So for me and all of us, this matter of peace-making (“Blessed are the peaceMAKERS”) is neither easy nor can we always grant specific desires of those demanding them -nor can anyone else. In this it gets deep doesn’t it?

We begin to realize not only the importance but difficulties and sometimes impossibility of peace with -all- and yet “IF possible” and “so far as it depends on you”. Finally I suggest if not always between you and others but in your own heart “be at peace with ALL people” is God’s will, God’s calling and God’s way for those of us who profess to follow Jesus.

I am convinced it takes more courage to be judged, rejected or thought a fool by seeking to think, speak and live in this manner than it is to merely trash-talk, exact means to force anyone or for that matter use methods of violence to get our way -which we believe will bring -us- peace.

The longer I live the more I am convinced peace starts between myself and God. From this can come a posture and attitude I -must- have toward others in my heart regardless of circumstances or other factors.

Things to consider along the path? I believe so!

As always, thanks for stopping by. -Glenn

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