All you have to do is a web search on the term, look online at dictionary definitions and further web search for memes (via say, DuckDuckGo.Com and toggle the Images link) and you’ll find the excellent and horrid realities of the matter.

Within myself lives a great deal of curiosity and sometimes it surfaces unplanned, unexpected, some might say “by accident”.

Sometimes it’s a matter of temptation while in other moments I’m personally convinced the Holy Spirit is nudging me to delve into something, to learn about something or someone, to try a fresh approach to learning in an area I’ve either not explored or need to -or realize I wish to -explore the issue and/or people more.

I’ve written about risk in my posts before, and any sort of life on this planet includes it. I mean you cannot simply mitigate every and all risk.

No, not talking about people being foolish denying the efficacy of vaccines or masks in a pandemic so don’t play with my meaning here.

Ok- so this won’t relate to you or it might- but I’ve also mentioned in a longer post a certain 3 legged stool that my wife asked me to build many years ago. I freaked out at the time having done very, very little carpentry in my life. Years later I’m sitting here typing this on a laptop on top of a shelf which sits below another 3 level shelf with a third one just to my right -and I made all of them from scratch in part created by curiosity sparked from what was initially a worrisome request from my sweet girl.

Further, the very computer operating system on this machine (and several different OS’s on various older laptops I have rescued from landfills) were installed by me. You may not be surprised it took a couple friends, one of them a longtime close friend who leaned on me to learn computing back in the day before Windows, Apple, Mac or even MS-DOS existed.

Oh, and I build all sorts of found object and cigarbox guitars out of what some would consider junk.

Curiosity. It has often been spawned in me just like that.

Seeing what my Dad built, recognizing his imagination in various areas of life taught me plenty, but until I was curious enough to risk failure I never tried to build much of anything having far too little faith I ever could successfully do so.

Curiosity has a deep link to creativity and I highly recommend it though as I began in this post, one can take a very damning road if one isn’t also thoughtful, careful.

For example, years ago I didn’t inspect a piece of wood thoroughly enough BEFORE cutting it on a small table saw. Because it was warped and I didn’t see that when I hit the “start” switch it flew off the saw and knocked me down only just missing my eye. I still have the little indent close to one eyebrow. A powerful lesson. I could have been killed from the hit, or landing on the cement shop floor cracked my skull and died right there.

See, curiosity and application of ideas must be managed, but not ignored nor buried straightaway, and it is the balance but also openness that has lead me to deeper study, learning and accomplishing things I -never- and I mean –never– thought I could.

You might notice through my writings I use the term “consider” a great deal, and that’s not without reason.

Worth considering for mental, emotional, educational and an enjoyable life: curiosity.

As always, thanks for stopping by! -Glenn

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