Acts and Words

We all know the power of words. Jesus’ words but also others including yours and mine. Words build up, put down, bless, energize, terrorize. All true, no?

Many if not most of us crave peace. Has it occurred to you as it has to me (GK blah blah blah guy) that we have been drowning in word tsunamis for at least a decade?

Jesus -told- us what He -did- and -does-. “Blessed are the peaceMAKERS”.

Is that what we who claim to follow Him are doing?

Between the internet, social media sites, emails, phone texts , news sources, podcasts, vlogs, the long and sky-high piling up of verbiage is at times overwhelming.

Acts of true kindness, love, sacrifice and these done not for one’s own sense of well-being but a motive of sharing grace with others makes ALL the difference.

So much easier to say, type, etc., than actually DO.

After all the theories are exhausted we must face the often costly and difficult work of reflecting Jesus Who said a great deal- and lived it out.

Early church? Book of ACTS.

As always, thanks for stopping by! -Glenn


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