New Show this Friday, New Guitar Tonight

Two things- about to post details on this Friday’s Chicago Christmas show at Everybody’s Coffee on Wilson Avenue! I’ll post all details tomorrow via all my sites.


I woke up early thinking about finishing The Cheater- so called cuz it’s a six-string guitar built in an old, thick cigarbox. I cannibalized a foot-stomper box Shane Speal gave me years ago… with kudos and apologizes to Shane- I love the tone but just can’t get my feet to go along w. my playing/singing/harp work all at once and so decided to use it by making the many cuts to slip the core part of the body from an ol’ Yamaha Pacifica (also using the solid Y.P. fretted neck) right inside the box. After trial and error decided to keep the original 4 band e.q. w. volume and 9 volt battery powered preamp -and- 3 hot glued piezos adding a different cigarbox for a top.

I also have a nice double-blade Fender-sized Seymour Duncan pickup in it so can actually plug that into an amp with the preamp-ed piezos into a second amp, or just choose which sound I want, change up in a live show, whatever. Fun!

As to the name- if it has more than 3 strings, just to me personally, a six string cigarbox guitar seems a bit of a “cheat” as I’ve played six’ers all my life. But I finally decided to do this re. a Christmas project and a song I just wrote. More in a moment on that.

Did the measuring, made all the wild cuts which took forever, and soon as the glue dries will put ‘er together with the neck in place, string it, tune and set intonation and see what she’ll do via an amp. It’s essentially cobbling together for a fretted six’er and as I say, I’m personally prone to 1 string diddley bows, 3 string sliders and of course on occasion full six string slide gits or typical 6 string electrics and acoustics. But in terms of a trash-looking honker, if this works I’ll be doing a Christmas blues song on it that I wrote a week ago so it’s an honest cigarbox guitar on the recording.

Sticking my neck out on this of course because you never know with my hack work!! But fun and a challenge that is indeed a form of music therapy for me. I liked the feel, sound and solid neck of the original git and the pre-amp in this box rocks so it should work well… we shall surely see. Or hear, that is.

I’ll post a pic or two when finished -and I’m leaving ‘er rough because I like that vibe especially for blues… so “finished” in most of my builds for myself means “right off the wood pile, maybe even dumpster -ha!

Here goes…

As always, thanks for stopping by. -Glenn

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