Social Media Friends?

First off, I’ve long had a wide and I mean wide list of hard left -and- hard right friends. Some of them with regard to my own site/s earned an unfriending/block and it’s essentially because like them, I am not interested in furthering what I believe to be propaganda for positions that I believe go against what Jesus both taught and lived as well as commanded us to live on this earth -especially our attitudes and treatment of those we consider “the least of these”. If that’s an issue and you have me as a friend in Facebook, Twitter or Instagram feel totally free to dump me asap. I’ll respect you for it.

As I don’t go to their pages and pop a long line of statements on their sites trolling a position I finally send them off when they do it on mine. A convo and a respectful one is one thing…

I don’t CARE if people fully agree with me on most anything. I mean sure, I care that it seems some are so cemented into a political or spiritual/quasi-spiritual space mentally and emotionally they just cannot seem to have a respectful disagreement.

Hence, it gives me zero pleasure after years of that w. a longtime friend I blocked him today. It happens and I suspect will happen again.

Reminds me of something I quote from a Facebook post of another: “Nobody was ever successfully argued into the Kingdom of God.” If the issues involved firearms (anyone for the history of The Crusades or Inquisition??), the verifiable history of professing Christians enslaving or shooting down people like dogs who themselves were professing Christians? Plenty of my friends don’t study such nor want to think about it. We should. We ALL should, and across a wide range of source material that will likely change your heart, life and the way you treat people.

I don’t expect to argue someone into relationship with the risen Jesus Christ nor argue someone into my own point of view on about anything. But when I post something on my own site/s I’m just not going to allow it to become a billboard for what I consider nonsense. So an FYI y’all.

Of course some live and some die by their own foolish attitudes and tough-guy treatment of anyone they disagree with. Some folks regularly trash talk others as lazy while they post endless memes to support their own lazy and too often non-educated, non-thinking and worse, NON-Gracious attitudes and chosen lifestyles b/c they feel the deep need to “defend THEMSELVES”. That’s reality in a sin-filled world and often church who are more focused on themselves than their own neighbor (whom they may fear and/or detest) much less “the least of these” Jesus speaks about in Matthew 25. I do think the Book of Amos is as alive and current as it was when he first brought the Word of the Lord to backslidden Israel.

God have mercy.

As always, thanks for stopping by. -Glenn

2 thoughts on “Social Media Friends?

  1. As I have commented before, nobody agrees 100% with anybody else
    The differences we have, no matter how small or how big shouldn’t keep us from being friends online.
    Unfortunately there are those that don’t give you that choice
    I have had some more civil & productive conversations with some atheists than with some believers-including ones on spiritual and/or theological topics

    1. Full agreement. And as I said, nobody has to agree with me. It’s when an incessant word “smackdown” and on-going propagandizing talk-points with no let-up that I finally say Nada to. Thanks Pilgrim. And by the way, being unfriended in social media is a rather small matter imho -but I only do it as per my comments as detailed, not for honest, respectful disagreement. -Glenn

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