Anger, Judgement.

There are two extremes regarding anger, or wrath -that I take issue with.

On one end of the spectrum is “Be angry but sin not” and Jesus turning over the tables of merchandising temple people and therefore people thinking they’re good to go with venting their rancour generally speaking.

Except scripture also tells us the wrath of humans is not somehow synonymous with the righteousness of God.

The other extreme view ignores God’s Own anger or even teaches in such way in essence speculating God Himself isn’t really all that upset about much of anything and Judgement Day with associated concepts is all rather a matter of myths and flawed human interpretation.

Some of us in our natural personality seem to gravitate to scriptures such as “Rebuke them sharply” while conversely, others to verses calling us to correct people in in a posture of gentleness and awareness of our own temptation, stumbling and capacity for sin.

On one hand we each and all demand the right to what we consider good and appropriate “righteous anger” but would deny God the same. Ridiculous much?!!

Unlike Him Who is sinless and perfect in His judgement we seem to wallow in a nonexistent righteousness of self before the only One Who truly IS righteous in Himself!

Our natural personality surely affects even our interpretation of scripture, our default chosen texts, even our treatment of others day by day. Wisdom, humility and integrity would seem to admit this.

To think our judgement pristine and is routinely in accord with God’s on either end of the spectrum of anger and judgement is in my view not only ignorant but arrogant.

“God resists the proud but gives grace to the humble.” Oh my!!

May we learn to fear, truly respect God, bestowing His grace on others recognizing our own need of it.

For ultimately there is only One [Perfect] Lawgiver and Judge…”

As always, thanks for stopping by. -Glenn

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