Size of the Footprint?

I’ve often mentioned that mere numbers are NOT the issue but Western World thinking (and more and more Eastern as well) shouts how verrrrrrrrrry important it is that our numbers increase. I can hear someone thinking “God gives the increase, it says so right in His Word!” and of course considering scriptures that speak of our prospering. Yep, it’s all in there -but what’s in me, in us?

I recently mentioned in reply to a social media post about “reach”, the size of people’s popularity and of course in terms of social media hits and shares, the size of a band’s audience in the seats at shows, the amount of press whether good or ill (because the “good” bad guy is so prevalent these days) because ANY mention “delivers one’s brand“. Even lousy reviews bring out rabid fans to defend horrible movies, musicians, politicians who have decided to take no quarter regardless of the value of a person, group or their output.

Another pundit recently wrote about how shallow sheer numbers really are, the algorithm game being played in social media and a number of people have recently called out the vitriol/anger/rage/you-MUST-scream-FOUL at each thing you disagree/agree with.

Is it easier to scream through a keyboard, phone video clip post… or in love to actually serve others, DO something that demonstrates lovingkindness and positive change? Naaahhhh, let’s just talk about it and endlessly debate with words from wherever our backside finds comfort!! Sigh…

My own public footprint is massive but in the end who is it that will ‘judge righteous judgment” perfectly? We who follow Jesus know it is God Himself. Do we really believe that sheer math is what He is impressed with? REALLY?? After more than 50 years of output via recordings, live shows, speaking and interviews OF COURSE my footprint is large.

Well so is Bigfoot’s… and to be blunt, so what??!!!

There are elderly women and men who are never online, who are largely unknown even in small towns and rural areas all over the world who are making more of an impact of loving, caring, sharing, serving and blessing not only people around them but God Himself -and the reality of numbers aren’t what it’s about for them -or any of us.

I recently was graciously invited to do interviews with several different online entities that have wide and massive reach especially when combined in terms of numbers. Blessed to share, truly! And yet this I believe and am convinced of:

God will judge whether I loved Him and others, honored Jesus and was truly led of the Holy Spirit in my lifetime, how much of what I believed, said, did amounted to “gold, sliver, precious stones” or only “wood, hay, stubble” as per His Word. SIZE isn’t nor will it be the issue. The same is true of you dear reader!!

Popularity? It is less than meaningless in the end because nobody knows each of us like God and He knows all and knows it perfectly, fully, thoroughly including our true motives, character and love or simply self-seeking.

Sober, careful consideration of all this is something I’m convinced all of us need lest we believe the myth that we are someone other than we truly are before the Lord.

Things to consider as we get “impressed” or “depressed” by the extent of our own or other’s (be they heroes or villians to us) “footprint”.

As always, thanks for stopping by. -Glenn


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