GK Guitar Rant

I rarely do this, try not to do it at all but that’s of course rather impossible. But here goes re. guitar choices…

In one of several online multiple interest platforms I receive various regular and in some cases daily email inbox stuff. Like anybody, some of it is of interest to me and some is not regardless of how they establish my algorithms. Yep, regardless.

So one of ’em that keeps popping up relates to the Gibson Les Paul guitar and why they are so superior to the Fender Stratocaster.

What their computer has not yet realized is over months of including this bit of click bait my way they’ll never get me to open it. Why not?

I don’t believe LPs (I have 3 of ’em) are better than Strats (I have one of them and there is little actual Fender anything on or in it). I’ve owned, recorded, toured with and used many actual Pauls and Strats and to be sure- long and wide list of various electric and acoustic guitars. Look, I’ve been at this for over 50 years and like most peeps have my personal tastes and for -many- reasons in each case. But here’s the deal:

A stick and string, even 2 nails, something for a single string and a board, wall or can to attach them to work for me. For -me- I said… not everyone.

Yet I’ve owned, used and greatly appreciated a vast assortment of guitars both electric and acoustic -in a massive range of woods, acoustic tones, pickups and via umpteen amplifiers, p.a. systems, recording studios, indoor and outdoor gigs galore. The truth is you can make one guitar work -with a load of caveats to this of course- but a few of them work even better or certainly with less fuss. I mean that last bit in the pure technical sense. SOME wiring, wood fit-to-finish, pickups and all the other variables are made with more precision and care… and yet don’t meet the particular need, style or taste of the particular musician.

And then there is a kind of concept that “more is never enough”.

All things considered I’d say it’s the APPLICATION of the particular guitar, not all the rest of the various elements that in the end call for this or that tone, approach, number of strings, finger-style or pick (plectrum) or slide use, on and on and on -you see?

As God is so infinitely larger and greater than any group of -or individual- churches… so it is with guitars.

Though I’m convinced there is One God, there are a vast and wide range of guitars or guitar-like instruments -and to say re. guitars than this or that one is “better” comes with a long list of details that surely complicate and indeed inform exactly which guitar works best for whomever and whatever application.

This is my polite and I hope informed way of saying “Keep talking, in some cases I’m not engaging in this for a long, long list of what I believe to be absolutely legit reasons”.

Now if it’s about Jesus or people I disagree with on any number of levels I’m going to listen.

But for many less than arbitrary reasons I -might- not respond.

“Different” may or may not equal “better”.

As always, thanks for stopping by!


2 thoughts on “GK Guitar Rant

  1. You’re right. The best guitar is the one for the application. I have a Les Paul, a Tele and a PRS. I enjoy them all.

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