Traditions Worship

Oh yes, many of us (including professing followers of Jesus) worship, bow to, focus on styles, methodologies and other elements of worship modes  whether old or new-

sometimes rather than worshiping God for Himself.

We all know this or at least suspect it is true for each of us…

How much is about pop culture (popular equals true and God’s will??) or ancient culture (ancient always equals true and ??) or whatever our personal fave cultural approach to Him, prayer, song, building, gathering together with others may be?

How many of us judge and look at people on the outside rather than get to know them in character, heart, personal relationship? We all of course fall into this all the time. So it is with worship and worship styles.

I’m convinced this is what starts churches, splits churches, ends churches and either handshakes with current or older established styles (name the style, there are many old, new and hybrids thereof). It’s a boutique get-what-you-like-and/or-want or with age-we-got-used-to-it attachment, sometimes more the glue that keeps us coming back or searching for something else as opposed to linking with God, people or both via far more important issues. Note, it can end up more literally a matter of detachment with regard to God and this or that group of His people.

What are the issues? I already mentioned them above if you think about it.

But… all this takes thought, time, effort, even grace to listen, keep coming back, forgive, ask forgiveness, you know, all the stuff that relationships are REALLY made of!

Thin commitments equal thin ice in both spiritual and practical senses. We long to belong, for safety, sometimes to just be left alone, no? It IS complicated… which is why it’s so much easier to just keep moving continually or conversely, to plant like cement and either way not think too deeply about the issues.

All this is in part why many just give up, give out, quit and “take their marbles and go home”. Except far too many never find a home with the people of God!

I suggest we really must learn, grow, do the hard work of being more flexible, pliable and seeking after God Who is not bound by traditions be they old, new or mix them together however you wish… or maybe that’s the problem -it is ourselves and not our God and others we’re most connected to, seeking after, committed to.

Things to consider along the road?

As always, thanks for stopping by. -Glenn


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