The Gift of Perception

I’ve been meditating on a foundational reality that it does seem many may fully disagree with, consciously ignore or merely have more faith in themselves and the environment/natural elements than in God.

And- “What have you been given that is not a gift?” (see 1 Corinthians 4.7)

Each breath, movement of fingers to type, moving food to mouth, the fact I have food to eat, clothes to wear, a roof over my head and that of my wife and family, friends- many life-long, gifts given me, skills, work to do, the heart and passion to -do- that work, service opportunities and the grace to survive, even learn from and endure the pains of life on this planet, the cup of good coffee I just put to my lips, eyes that still see, ears that still hear and the ability to perceive all this neither begins nor ends with me. God. Yes, GOD.

Giving thanks, praise, worship, allowing HIM to define and shape me, guide my decisions and actions, behavior changes we both wish to bring about in me -and even those I don’t wish for but that I’m convinced He and those who love me wish for my growth and better reflection of His love and grace… THESE THINGS DON’T “JUST HAPPEN”.

Again, there are those who disagree and believe they have good reason. I understand that and indeed, expect it.

When the ultimate thought is that we are each little deities, that the natural world is all there is or shall ever be and the conclusion that there is little or no spirit or spirituality because there is ultimately no God, no Jehovah Jireh (the God Who sees/provides) means all I have said and that which followers- mind you, followers of Jesus who are believers are all deceived and indeed self-deceived means… what?? Does it follow people who have no faith in God are not only more intelligent but actually more wise/correct, more perceptive, more kind and gracious (grace… where did that concept come from?) and more loving? How dishonest for agnostics and atheists to apply perfection to all who think and live such personal “faith”. If nobody’s perfect we can conclude none of us are.

All mysteries are just that. The issue is our satisfaction in explaining them -or not. Theories abound, no?

And yet I never find it mysterious that I or others who profess to be followers of Jesus “act like the devil” at times, and of course many are no more Christ-followers than a load of gravel so there’s that. Certainly such acts are equally true among those who consider Christ and the common Christian view, the Bible as the Word of God and truth to be mere and mythological narrative only.

Doubt is also as real for the “believer” as the “un(or pre-) believer”. I wonder how often those who believe they have excellent reason to dis-believe also doubt their own “secular theology”?

The tests, arguments, belief and unbelief are nothing new, have always been in the minds of humans and shall continue to come -until Jesus returns and “every eye” sees Him.

My own position of faith and relationship to the risen Christ, the Father, the Spirit have taken me a lifetime to express. I expect to continue expressing these forever.

Meanwhile I give thanks, praise and worship to the One who has and continues to “show up” in my life for these past 50 years.

Indeed, even perception is a gift!!

As always, thanks for stopping by! -Glenn

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