I’ve written several times about the beauty and the horror of the World Wide Web’s many options. Then there is the basic fact people of all ages with a search, a few clicks or even simply opening their browser can find options galore on nearly every subject- truth, lies, actual reality, fiction and percentages on both sides of the spectrum.

Of course the days of only a few radio and tv networks and channels are as gone as the dark ages. Ok, many pundits are saying all these changes may be or already have ushered in a 2000’s version of the dark ages all over again.

What I want to say is again, something I and plenty others have said all along: it’s discernment, even the will, ability to do hard and personally-costly research that far too many professing Christ followers seem to just live without.

No doubt there are those who read, listen or watch my various communications who think “THAT guy is so brainwashed, no objectivity in his thinking about several matters at very least! Idiot at worst. Self-deceived!” Or variations of such.

Nothing new under the sun.

Of course in some areas sometimes they may be quite correct!

What ALL -and I mean all of us must work hard at -and at times do not- is putting in the effort via prayer, a deep and often painful study of what God does and does not say in scripture about any topic, then adding world, national and local history, and again time spent actually studying the perspectives of others with whom we disagree.

We may well come away thinking much the same, slightly different or completely convinced anew after repeatedly doing so throughout our lifetime.

Those who stop studying stop learning. Is it simpler, easier, even more comfortable giving one a sense of security to just –park– and be done listening to the opinions of those with whom we disagree? It is. It’s also such that brings us to the “news” we accept as true.

How many people have their feet firmly planted in news-source cement shoes? “Unless X, Y or Z says it (mostly only one or two of those) and tell me what I already think and believe [or want to believe] I’m not going to give those other jerks the time of day!”

So much for the integrity of actually hearing.

Now I’m not saying any of us must daily listen to stacks of propaganda from any “news” source. We all know YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and plenty more sites are thick with foolishness, click-bait for folks who aren’t interested in being challenged, thinking outside their own tribal thought processes.

The question is- are WE THINKING, DISCERNING, WILLING TO KEEP LEARNING or is it all about me, my tribe and shutting our minds up because we already know everything there is to know about everything and everyone, especially our enemies?

See, it’s a command of Jesus to love, of Paul, James and of course Book of Proverbs and more in God’s Word to continue studying/learning/applying, to ask for wisdom, not merely knee-jerk “reality” as in “reality tv”! God have mercy, now THERE’S a butchering of a term related to something millions love to watch regularly. So much for either truth or depth.

Things to consider as we make our media choices.

Also worth considering if we find ourselves continually burning up with rage, in a quicksand of deep and hopeless misery and despair, and find ourselves either outright hating our enemies or close to it on the basis of what we’re reading/watching/listening to:

Faith, hope, love? Grace and mercy? Justice, fairness, balance? Wisdom? These things take both love and effort.

God help us do our part to grow in these! The Good News of the Gospel of Jesus must not be disconnected from such.

As always, thanks for stopping by. -Glenn


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