It has been said (and often by myself) “Blessed are the flexible for they shall be used.” 🙂

Even as I type I’ve an ongoing discussion with a longtime pastor friend of mine inviting me to bring music and a separate message to a men’s retreat they are planning at their church.

Because we’ve done ministry together before there and as we know one another well including what gifts and artistic offerings are likely available, I don’t have to ask a couple of the first questions I’ve been asking people for years.

If I don’t know them I typically ask:

Why me? How do you know about me and why do you think I may be a good fit for this (whatever “this” is in their context)?

Please tell me about your event/venue/coffeehouse/biker rally/festival/church/jail-prison facility/house or porch show setting, etc..

I ask the promoter/pastor/fest director/whomever for as much detail as possible before I fully commit to booking because I want to bring them what they believe they best need from me, not merely thrusting HEY- THIS IS ME Y’ALL, RELATE OR NOT is not wise, gracious, kind nor will that attitude best serve THEM and that’s a major reason I bring music, speak or otherwise show up, not merely to make a buck or expand my bookings or the like.

I search for them online in a number of ways to get a sense of who they are, what they may or may not relate to that I believe I can reasonably bring them with integrity on my part.

NOT doing such homework is in my view, both a mistake and often ends up producing fails for both parties as well as those who attend the event.

If I’m not convinced I’m the guy for their gig I sift through my brain re. the people I know who might actually do a better job for them and try to link both parties up.

To honor my Lord and bring my best to people means caring enough to consider these things and apply them.

That’s my aim!

His, yours, -Glenn


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