Liberty, Justice WITH Spiritual Growth for ALL

One crazy and interesting reality is that those Christians and local churches who have often preached and spoken against justice… wait for it… regularly from pulpit and pew are calling, even screaming for what THEY believe justice is from their perspective! Read that again.

A simple Bible study of that term throughout scripture is without dispute: God calls for justice plenty. The issue is in each case, getting a clear sense of what GOD HIMSELF says is just, righteous (in both OT Hebrew and NT Greek those words are interchangeable).

My earliest concern for local churches including the ones I regularly attended as a new Christian as well as those the outreach teams and bands I served with was two-fold.

Apathy (fueled by self-centered, rampant individualism) and Sunday after Sunday only preaching John 3.16, “the Roman road” and extremely simple evangelism rather than recognizing the massive majority in the seats already believed. That is, many figured (and still do) that if someone was REALLY committed they’d show up at a mid-week service, prayer meetings, attend conferences and certainly many called for folks to attend a small group regularly.

ALL of those are great tools for spiritual growth IF IF IF people actually show up, but many didn’t and do not.

Discipleship, spiritual formation and growth based on preaching little more than a salvation message on Sundays doesn’t create a deep discipleship manifesting actions for justice among those “least of these” in our town, county, state, nation, world.

Ok, so churches have often set up short-term mission trips in that younger people and at least some older ones in the church might be challenged to think “outside the box” and link, even learn from interaction with “the poor, the widow, orphan, elderly” and this is again a good thing. It does have affect in some. In others it’s a bit of a “drive-by” as people return home and get right back into self-focused lives seeking comfort for themselves rather than justice for those in need.

True justice is UNCOMFORTABLE FOR THOSE WORKING FOR IT! Let’s just cut to the chase and admit this separates believers from believers who live out the Book of James sense and actions of loving, sacrificial service for the outcasts, the truly poor, the addicted and such.

In my view and experience, such a mentality loves status quo small “c” christianity. It allows us to stay spiritually seated right where we are which is not about growth but power, control and kisses us with an attitude of “I’m not part of THOSE people’s solution! Hey, GO GIT YER OWN LIKE I GOT MINE.”

That’s a recipe that serves white privilege, knee-jerk anger and keyboard warrior angst, in fact for some a January 6 insurrection which isn’t a matter of justice, rather protection of your own kingdom, not the kingdom of God.

Am I saying the left, the Democrats, Progressives are all about the kingdom of God?! No more than the Republicans or Independents are!!

Come on, the kingdom of self which keeps us “in the driver’s seat” is a massive, sick and stultifying reality in the United States and for that matter, anywhere in the world regardless of political persuasion.

If you don’t have ears to hear this, at least prayerfully consider what I’ve written here.

Funny how justice so quickly gets rejected by those who want the word and biblical call to just go away.

I don’t think God the Holy Spirit is going to quit raising up prophets who speak love, truth, balance and spiritual growth including repentance to those who simply don’t want to change and grow.

He loves each of us too much to remain silent.

Things to consider perhaps?

As always, thanks for stopping by. -Glenn


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