His Way?

Really? His way?

A friend wrote a solid social media post which included Jesus’ words in Matthew 10:34–39. Whew!

There are in this life, plenty and many more who will struggle and indeed stumble at “the Rock of offense”, and I mean exactly that so many of the amazing and uplifting things Jesus said are not their issue, rather His hard and “this… or THAT” (and we won’t like “that”).

He calls us to take Him as He is and grow in the grace and knowledge of Him, some of which is hard, tough and very unlike our own will, desires, ‘druthers. I find the hard yet TRUE words of Jesus the stuff I need the most work with! Or on. That is, in myself.

God’s grace is for us to be conformed to His character, ways, desires. We cannot rightly toss anything Jesus said and know Him as He is by choosing the “sweet” stuff and in context of our study of His Word, discard the strong words, warnings and calling to “those Pharisees over there… not me!” Solid biblical exegesis/interpretation doesn’t give us that out in every and all texts of the Gospels.

I’ve long been convinced this is one deep reason many do not grow as disciples, camping between sand and rock.

It is both understandable and wrong to slice Jesus and His teachings up into “YES!” and “Ughhhh, none for me thanks!” but people have done so for centuries, nothing new. Which is in part why many who profess faith in Him in reality live faith in the ice cream verses and reject the meat and spinach.

There are so many comments in the four Gospels attributed to Jesus that I wrestle with!

Note exactly what Jesus is saying in the verse above.

He is the rock on which we stand -not we ourselves.

As always, thanks for stopping by. -Glenn

3 thoughts on “His Way?

  1. Thanks Glenn and thanks God. Great word. It’s amazing how sometimes we are good at ‘justifying’ our position being happy with mediocre commitment. Reading your statement “ camping between sand and rock” wow that really stopped and made me think. I’ve slid to the side of the road. I’m not walking with both feet on the rock one foot is in the soft sand and I’m not getting traction On my knees in prayer and into the word I go. Thanks Be blessed. Trevor from Sydney Australia

    1. Welcome Trevor! I’m convinced status quo is a thief, a slack response to the grace and goodness of God. Spiritual growth is certainly about Him and HIS power and yet “we are co-labours with God”, not merely an audience. Bless you, -Glenn

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