Two Salvation Issues

Yep, straight up, the Jesus Movement was excellent and a passing fad all at the same time. And as usual it takes time and perhaps a lifetime to recognize authentic, lived-out loving faith in Jesus vs. surface, pop-culture, “try it out, see if it fits, discard if not satisfying to ya”. The first is salvation by God’s grace and a surrendering follower in ongoing relationship with the Risen Jesus Christ, the second is something else and something of personal construct.

Now let’s face it, current atheists, agnostics or pre-believers may well argue that personal construct (purely human-made) is as easily slapped onto we who say we believe and truly follow Jesus Christ. Sometimes they’re correct.

Best as I have been able, I’ve written my own story -as all reading this post are, though perhaps not in literal written form. Further, nobody but you (or in my case, I) has lived inside your own mind, choices, experiences though in some moments they may have shared -some- of them alongside you. Plenty goes on in each person’s brain and personal experience others can only at best guess at.

So how does anyone know anything -or truly know anyONE?

I’ll skip to the second question. Watch their life as it unfolds. I don’t mean only one moment, one day, month or a few years, but over their lifetime. Consider the consistency of words, actions and convictions which demonstrate their key choices and actions. You may come closer to a sense of what they truly believe -if anything much at all, or if merely drifting. Or backsliding. Or whether upon inconvenience or deep suffering they bolt from what they had portrayed as saving faith.

Look, I’m convinced Jesus Christ is real, died and rose again and that HE ALONE is Savior. I’m equally convinced He doesn’t need a Savior -we do.

Many said “I will follow You” and did not. Others said “No way” and eventually realized He is exactly as He said -“I am the way, the truth and the life.” (john 14.6)

Like any garden, imperfect as all are- the unfolding of the seasons reveals whether a garden is truly worthy of the name.

Worth considering I think. And as always, thanks for stopping by. -Glenn

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