Lots of folks know I build little one, three (sometimes two) string guitars, no frets, played with some sort of “slide”. Most of what I build is merely for myself, to give away to unsuspecting peeps (HA!) and to try out a fresh concept or two. Some are literally “found object” gits, I mean truly “whatever I find” throwing creativity at various parts along with one or a few guitar strings.

When I was young our family was poor and living in rural Wisconsin where the MacGyver concept of “dog-legging” stuff to connect together and thus meet the need was common and among poor people rural and urban alike this approach is more typical than many likely realize.

Now, if one has either a fair bit of money, severe lack of time, lack of creativity, is budgeting in advance impaired, maybe just lazy anyone can simply throw cash or credit at an item. Then again…

The other thing I’ve mentioned on occasion -in those days when our family shopped it was St. Vincent de Paul. Then, Goodwill, Salvation Army and other thrift shops weren’t cool, yard/garage sales were rare and so we had to make do with whatever we had.

For all the pain and suffering (and there was plenty) in the early U.S. (and world-wide) Depression years there was also as per poverty and/or simple living backwoods people a “do-it-yourself, make it yourself, figure it out” vein of creativity, a puzzle-solving, “is there another way to” get things made or done approach to life.

I’m now typing this post on a very old MacBook Pro laptop gifted me by dear friends as nobody had use for it.

It’s old enough that the operating system and apps just wouldn’t fly, rather crawl, clog and botch up here in 2021.

Everything works, the battery holds power for a good long time and the power cable is fine. It has NO HARD DRIVE.

It’s so old that I simply plugged in one of my Peppermint Linux usb drives (the entire operating system loads “live”) via one of the usb ports and it rocks, speeds along just fine, has all the apps I use daily.

I just found out -thanks Jon!- I likely have an old hard drive I can pop inside and load Linux onto it. I just may try though I don’t need it to get good productive work done on it.

See, there is often a workaround and I’d say nearly always though not entirely so.

Status, pride, the bother of impressing others, sometimes legitimate needs that what you can toss together or try WON’T get the job done sufficiently, that’s also a fact.

In my world but for a very few absolutes by my best understanding, humbly opening up one’s mind and heart, seeking alternative ways of doing -can- often bring one to a deeper appreciation of creative imagination.

In a very literal sense, even eternal life- salvation in Jesus is… a hand-me-down.

There are times do-it-yourself just. won’t. work.

As always, thanks for stopping by! -Glenn

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